Asari Ugetsu

Asari Ugetsu
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Character Info
Vongola First Rain Guardian
Yamamoto Shouma
Manga Debut
Chapter 246
Anime Debut
Episode 170
Weapon Info
Asari Ugetsu

Asari Ugetsu (朝利 雨月, Asari Ugetsu) was of Japanese origin and had a deep love for music. It was said that none throughout the world could match his talent with a blade. Like most of the other guardians his physically resembles his Decimo counterpart Takeshi Yamamoto. Reborn compares that Yamamoto giving up baseball for the way of the blade was very similar to Ugetsu retiring his love for music in a trade for 3 short blades and one long sword. Similar to Hibari's box weapon Cambio Forme resembling his Primo counterpart, Yamamoto's Cambio Forma with Kojirou forms 3 small blades called "Asari Ugetsu". He speaks in a friendly accent that was commonly heard during the Heian Period.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Inheritance Succession Arc

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

Asari Ugetsu was a masterful swordsman with no equal to him during his life time. He has an amazing battle prowess shown during his inheritance challenge with Yamamoto, in which is instantaneously made up all three techniques during the battle.

  • Asari Ugetsu: This is the name of the long sword and 3 short swords that Ugetsu uses in his fights in the name of Vongola. It is said that when the Vongola were in a time of crisis he traded all his instruments for these weapons.
Frozen Rain
  • Frozen Rain: An attack that Asari Ugetsu made up on the stop during Yamamoto's Inheritance Challenge. It includes the harmonization of Rain Flames that disperse and rain down on the foe.

Kuzuryu Riverfall
  • Kuzuryu Riverfall: The Rain Flames form into the shape of a Dragon. As stated by Fon, this technique obtained it's name from a nine-headed dragon because of it's swift current. Whilst using this attack Asari Ugetsu's back is exposed, although this was done deliberately for him to test Yamamoto's resolve.
  • Torrential Dance: Ugetsu forms a torrent of rain flames that he uses as a mirror to make multiple replications of himself.

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