Chrome Dokuro

Chrome Dokuro (Nagi)

Character Info
Vongola Mist Guardian
13 Years Old
23 Years Old (Future, Taken from the Data Book)
Date of Birth
December 5
Blood Type
152 cm
41 kg
Satomi Akesaka
Manga Debut
Chapter 85
Anime Debut
Episode 35
Weapon Info
Demon Spade Evil Lens
Box Animal

Chrome Dokuro is a 13 year old school girl dressed in Kokuyo School uniform, she first appears when she is revealed as Tsuna's mystery Mist Guardian. She is a generally shy person, often locking herself in her room and not talking to the others. When she first joined the Vongola Family she appeared commited and loyal to Tsuna, her reasoning was later revealed. Tsuna was the only connection she had to Mukuro Rokudo. During her battles she fights to the best of her ability, constantly putting her life on the line due to her fragile health, often relying for Mukuro to give her more power. However in the future arc Mukuro was beaten by Byakuran and she had to fight without his help, only to find she is a rather powerful illusionist. It was unknown if it were her of Mukuro that were chosen as the Official Mist Guardian in the Future due to Chrome and Mukuro sharing the same body, although later on it as revealed that it was Chrome that was chosen. Her name; Chome Dokuro is an anogram on Mukuro Rokudo. Before Mukuro saved her life her name was Nagi.


[edit] History

In a flashback her parents talk about Chrome as an anti-socialist and was went by the name Nagi. Whilst trying to save a at from harm she was hit by a car which led to the loss of her right eye and several of her internal organs. The only way she would have been saved were if someone of the same blood type gave her their organs. She had seemingly given up on life, her parents didn't care enough for her; her mother refused to give her own organs and didn't care if she lived or died. However, Mukuro allowed her to live by giving her illusionary organs. The cost of this is if either hers or Mukuro's trident breaks, her stomach will lapse due to lack of any genuine organs. She is shown to have learnt 2 of the 6 skills used by Mukuro. She also wishes to learn Italian as she wants to be able to talk to Mukuro in his native language.

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

Since her and Mukuro share the same body she has the power of "Six Paths of Reincarnation", although she is proficient in making illusions and summoning animals. During the Future Arc she learns how to create 'real illusions' using the Mist Vongola Ring.

[edit] Weapons

  • Gufo della Nebbia: (lit Mist Owl) Chrome obtained this in her fight with Glo Xinia and has been taken over by Mukuro. Because of this possession it changed from a Rain Box Weapon to a Mist Box Weapon.
  • Vongola Box: Gufo di Nebbia ver. Vongola: This takes on the appearance of Gufo di Nebbia with the exception of having armored padding on it's wings.

[edit] Abilities

  • Real Illusion: With the help of Mukuro and the Vongola Mist ring she is able to create a sustain real illusions. She uses these to keep herself alive by creating illusions of her missing organs.
  • Cambio Forma: Demon Spade's Evil Lens: The Vongola Mist Owl transforms into a set of three lenses. These lenses allow Chrome to see through even the most powerful illusions.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

+ Mukuro - Lost
Glo Xinia

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