Daemon Spade

Daemon Spade
Deamon Spade.PNG

Character Info
First Vongola Mist Guardian
Kousaka Atsushi
Manga Debut
Chapter 263
Anime Debut
Episode 178
Weapon Info
Deamon Spade's Evil Lens

Daemon Spade (Commonly romanised to Demon Spade) was a world renown as a dangerous illusionist. In no way does he physically resemble Chrome but holds a striking resemblance to Mukuro. Reborns calls him a backstabber and in this sense also mentally represents Mukuro, in which he states he is only helping the Vongola in order to wait for the perfect opportunity to possess Tsuna. It is said that just by staring at his foes he was able to curse them, this was done through his "Evil Lens". Likewise Chrome's Cambio Forma resembles these lenses and is called "Daemon Spade's Evil Lens"

[edit] Plot

[edit] Inheritance Succession Arc

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