Dying Will Flames

The Vongola Dying Will Flames
The Dying Will Flame (Viz: Deathperation Flame) is originally the way Tsunayoshi Sawada gained strength at the start of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series, however these flames later become more crucial to the story line and are created from ones resolve. They are used as a primary weapon against targets. During the Future Arcs, Mafioso use these flames to fight one another. A Dying Will Flame can be hereditary, meaning that one family could have the same flame passed down generation after generation, and are thus inherited through the family. There are seven different types of flames used by the Vongola Famiglia and are called "The Seven Flames of Sky", these flames are; Sky, Storm, Sun, Lightning, Cloud, Mist and Rain. Each of the flames have different colours, each one matching to a specific colour of the rainbow, and with a specific and unique characteristic to each. Also during the Future Arcs these flames are used to activate Box Weapons, these boxes produce other weapons such as swords, shields, and even animals all to strengthen and reinforce the user. Reborn denotes that Dying Will Flames are essentially a dense form of Aura,
Vongola Flame Waves
although converse to aura properties, these are actual flames that are capable of melting objects, being used as a destructive force and can even use up the oxygen in the air. As well as this, it is supremely concentrated which can enhance the destructive capabilities. However these flames can be representative through the users personality, something that it shares with a typical aura however it doesn't always directly correspond to the flame itself. For example the description of the user of the Cloud Flame is "the aloof cloud, one that cannot be caught and travels it's own path", in which Kyoya Hibari represents soundly, whereas the Cloud Arcobaleno, Skull differs greatly from this description. Generally speaking, the stronger a persons resolve is, the purer the flame and and greater the demonstration of the flames personality.

Currently there are two know types of Dying Will Flames, the Dying Will Flames of the Sky and the Dying Will Flames of the Earth, the latter of which seems to be exclusive to the Shimon Famiglia.

[edit] Facts

  • At the start of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series, there was no distinction in the flames other than Tsuna's Sky flame. The first person introduced with a different coloured Dying Will Flame was Basil, who donned a blue flame, later to be named a Rain Flame. Xanxus' flame is also different in shape in that he uses the Flame of Rath.
    • When Ryohei was shot with a Dying Will Bullet it was shown that his Dying Will Flame was Sky, as opposed to his actual flame being of Sun.
  • Ironically, despite users of the Sky Flame being rare to find, there are one of the most common characters in the series.
  • There is no Snow Flame that appears in the series, other than one Katekyo Hitman Reborn Game; Fate of Heat III: Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!
  • Gokudera is the only one shown to be able to channel five different flame types, although his original and most strongest is Storm.
  • The Giegue Famiglia were defeated by an unknown female mafioso, who used a flame that wasn't one of the Seven Flames of Sky. It has been revealed by the Shimon Famiglia, who was also the culprit behind the defeat of the Giegue Famiglia, that the Flames that they use are known as the Seven Flames of the Earth, in contrast to the Vongola's Flames, which are known as the Seven Flames of the Sky.
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