Dying Will Flames of the Sky

The Dying Will Flames of the Sky are 7 different coloured flames used throughout the Mafia World, named after the seven anomola of the Sky; Sky, Rain, Storm, Lightning, Cloud, Mist and Sun, the attributes of which are named after the 7 arguably most powerful users of these flames - The Vongola Guardians and Boss. Although commonly referred to as flames, some of their properties allow them to take on the appearance of their respective elements, for example, the Rain flame looks like Water and the Lightning Flame looks like Electricity.


[edit] The Seven Flames of Sky

[edit] Sky (Cielo)

Tsuna's Sky Flame
  • Colour: Orange
  • Characteristic: Harmonisation (Armonia)
    • Japanese Translation: Oozora (大空)
  • Ability: Petrification
  • Known Users: Tsunayoshi Sawada, Byakuran, Iemitsu Sawada, Giotto, Timoteo (and all previous Vongola Bosses), Xanxus, Dino, Luce, Aria, Uni
  • Description: It is said that users of the Sky Flame are very rare and hardly any are born with the ability to channel the flame, and it is said to be the most powerful flame type in the world. With it's characteristic of Harmonisation it can maintain the balance between the other flames and thus contains neither conflict or contradiction.
  • Appearance: It is orange in colour, with the strongest shade in he center and becoming paler towards the edges and spikes. It oscillates and looks similar to the Rain Flame.

[edit] Storm (Tempesta)

Gokudera's Storm Flame
  • Colour: Red
  • Characteristic: Degeneration (Destruzione)
    • Japanese Translation: Arashi ()
  • Ability: Degeneration
  • Known Users: Gokudera, Fon, Zakuro, Rasiel, Belphegor, Bianchi, Tazaru, Nosaru, Baishana, G., Coyote Nougat.
  • Description: Anything that touches these flames can break down and corrode, even other flames. Because of this, it has extremely high destructive capabilities.
  • Appearance: This variant is almost opaque in it appearance. Having a concentrated red colour in the center, with a paler inner ring, and outward facing spikes being almost the same concentrated red as the center. In the manga, these flames are distinguished by their dark appearance.

[edit] Rain (Pioggia)

Yamamoto's Rain Flame
  • Colour: Blue
  • Characteristic: Tranquility (Calma)
    • Japanese Translation: Ame ()
  • Ability: Tranquility
  • Known Users: Yamamoto Takeshi, Superbi Squalo, Basil, Asari Ugetsu, Hayato Gokudera, Colonnello, Lal Mirch, Glo Xinia, Bluebell, Olgert, Schnitten Brabanters
  • Description: With the flames attribute of tranquility, they can weaken flames and other attacks. IE Illusions, causing them to become almost completely ineffective (depending on the purity and output of the flame). The stronger the resolve and flame, the weaker the enemies attack becomes, this type of flame can also slow down a targets movements and body.
  • Appearance: The Flame is light blue in colour, with white sparkles throughout giving it the look of water. The flame is almost opaque, with a darker pale blue in the center with an even paler blue on the edge. It also oscillates.

[edit] Sun (Soreno)

Ryohei's Sun Flame
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Characteristic: Activation (Attivazione)
    • Japanese Translation: Hare (太)
  • Ability: Activation
  • Known Users: Ryohei Sasagawa, Reborn, Knuckles, Lussuria, Daisy, Shoichi Irie, Ginger Bread, Brow Nie Jr.
  • Description: With it's attribute of Activation, it can speed up processes to an incredible rate, although difficult to use offensively, the activation is usually to power up the user or use as a healing agent. However the exception to this being Ryohei's 3 minute power-up.
  • Appearance: Sun flames very much embody the activation attribute, in appearance as well as power. It's yellow all the way through and shines circles around the flame. They appear to be moving constantly, some times spiking and other times flowing.

[edit] Lightning (Fulmine)

Gamma's Lightning Flame
  • Colour: Green
  • Characteristic: Solidification (Indurimento)
    • Japanese Translation: Kaminari (电)
  • Known Users: Lambo, Verde, Lampo, Ghost, Gamma, Template:Lin, Hayato Gokudera, Ganauche III
  • Description: With the attribute of solidification, they can harden any object infused with the flames. The overall appearance is unique to this type of flame, because it too has been solidified and thus is make to look like electricity and as such it can be used to electrocute targets as opposed to burning them.
  • Appearance: As the name would suggest, lightning flames have a lightning appearance to them. The center of the flame is slightly green tinted white, with the more solidified spikes a moderate green. They have a tendency to form round shapes with the sharper part flailing around, like how electricity is often times shown.

[edit] Mist (Nebbia)

Chrome's Mist Flame

[edit] Cloud (Nuvola)

Hibari's Cloud Flame
  • Colour: Purple
  • Characteristic: Propogation (Propagazione)
    • Japanese Translation: Kumo (云)
  • Ability: Multiplication
  • Known Users: Kyoya Hibari, Kikyo, Skull, Lal Mirch, Hayato Gokudera, Alaude, Nigella Beankabul, Visconti
  • Description: Cloud flames or weapons have the ability to absorb flames in order to grow in size and multiply, if a human body is altered to attain the cloud flames, the human can also grow in size or multiply. Cloud flames can also be used as a sheild from attacks, as shown by Hibari during his battle with Genkishi.
  • Appearance: Cloud Flames have a dark purple center, and a pale light purple for the rest of the Flame. Unlike Rain Flames, which have sharp oscillating spikes, Cloud Flames have small rounds of flame instead of points.

[edit] The Eighth Flame of Sky

[edit] Snow (Neve)

Gelaro's 'snow' flame
  • Colour: White
  • Characteristic: Immobilisation (Immobilizzazione)
    • Japanese Translation: Unknown
  • Ability: Immobilisation
  • Known Users: Gelaro
  • Appearance: Snow Flames vaguely looks like Mist Flames, though are much lighter in colour. The margins of the flame are gradually turning into a light blue color, also, there are some "sparkling" elements inside the flame

This flame type only appeared in the Reborn! DS game when a Snow Guardian appeared. However, it was later revealed to be a Sky flame in disguise.

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