Character Info
Vongola Settimo
Mid 40s
Daniela (Daughter)
Timoteo (Grandson)
Manga Debut
Chapter 158
Anime Debut
Episode 87
Weapon Info

Fabio was the seventh boss to inherit the title of Boss of the Vongola Famiglia. It was said that he had the weakest flame of all Vongola bosses and thus created the Dying Will Flame Gun in order to compensate for it and greatly increase his flames destructive power. The gun worked by condensing his flames within the barrel of the gun and shooting it at high speeds from Dying Will Bullets stored within the gun. Both in weapon and technique, Xanxus imitated this type of attack during the Ring Battle with Tsuna and believed it to be a source of extraordinary power. He made his debut in the gathering of all past Vongola bosses and was mentioned on the Vongola Family Tree and seen to be the father to Daniela AKA Vongola Ottavo.

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