Character Info
Varia Officer
Mammon's Replacement
Kokuryu Sachi
Manga Debut
Chapter 219
Anime Debut
Episode 136
Weapon Info
Box Animal

Fran is the newest member of the Independent Vongola Assassination Group, Varia. He uses the "666" Hell Ring however this rings real name is unknown. He was first seen in the Future taking part in the raid on the Millfiore Base goaded by the Varia. He is Mammon's replacement as the Varia's illusionist and because of this he must wear a large gray frog hat to symbolise this. Despite acting antagonistically towards the other members of the Varia, he has a calm and collected demeanor, constantly verbally bullying them. It was revealed that his master was Mukuro Rokudo, who had escape from Vendicare Prison with his help.


[edit] Plot Synopsis

[edit] Melone Base Invasion

[edit] After Choice

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

  • Bel Box Weapon: Fran's box weapon is a miniature doll of Belphegor coated in Mist Flames. During his battle with Ghost it's flames were absorb and thus destroyed.
  • "666" Hell Ring: Fran has possession of one of the most powerful Mist Rings. The "666" Hell Ring.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Fake Loss
Rasiel and Olgert

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