Ganauche III

Ganauche III
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Character Info
9th Vongola Lightning Guardian
Manga Debut
Chapter 289
Weapon Info

Ganauche III is the Ninth Generation Lightning Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia, and thus was the previous holder of the Lightning Vongola Ring.

[edit] Appearance

He seems to be the youngest of the Ninth's guardians (a trait that seems to be continued from the Primo's reign and to the Decimo Lightning Guardian Lambo). The back of his hair is black whilst the front is blonde. He also has a stubble.

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

Ganauche III using Scudo Fulmine
  • Gun: Ganauache III uses a gun, which was destroyed by a member of a Shimon Famiglia.
  • Scudo Fulmine: An electromagnetic shield he used to protect himself from an attack dealt by a member of the Shimon Famiglia.
  • Difesa A Circolo: A defensive technique that combines all flames from the other 6 guardians to create a circular barrier around a target.

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