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Character Info
Vongola Primo
Mid 20's
Date of Birth
January 1
Daisuke Namikawa
Manga Debut
Chapter 158
Anime Debut
Episode 87
Weapon Info
IGloves, Vongola Sky Ring, Mantello di Vongola Primo (Cloak of the first Vongola), Mitena di Vongola Primo (Attack Mode: Vongola First Gauntlet)

Giotto is the founder of the Vongola Family and therefore was the first boss to inherit the title of Vongola Boss. He was the original creator of the Zero Point Breakthrough. After retiring from the mafia, he moved to Japan to start a family, to which Tsuna is a descendant of (He is his great-great-great Grandfather). Throughout the duration of the series, it has been constantly referenced that Tsuna and Giotto look very similar, as do the other guardians of the Vongola Primo and the Vongola Decimo families, each described as being equally unorthodox. Not only do all the Decimo guardians look like the Primo guardians but most of them share the same personalities and weapons.


[edit] Plot Overview

[edit] Future Arc

[edit] Inheritance Succession Arc

[edit] Choice Arc

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

His gloves bear the symbol "I" symbolising he is the first Vongola Boss, much like Tsuna's gloves have the numeral of "X" symbolising he is the Decimo boss. When in this spiritual state he can manipulate or cloud over another's Hyper Intuition, as he did with Tsuna during Gokudera's Inheritance Challenge. His cloak is used by Tsuna with his box animals Cambio Forma (Or Cambio Forme). Because the Vongola control the Vertical Time Axis, Giotto and all the other previous Vongola Guardians and Boss' 'reside' within the ring, and can sense the danger facing the Vongola through their rings, as Reborn stated.

  • I-Gloves: These are a special type of combatant gloves used by Vongola Primo, Giotto. There are similar to Tsuna's X-Gloves (symbolising him as the Vongola Decimo), both of which are capable of the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, however Tsuna can only use this with X-Gloves Ver. Vongola Ring. When using this technique the 'X' on Tsuna's gloves turn into an 'I' to show this was the Primo's technique.
  • Mantello di Vongola Primo: Giotto is usually found donning a black cloak that is capable of emitting sky flames, and thus because of the Sky's Harmonising attribute, this has the power to nullify attacks. This black cloak is available to Tsuna via his Box weapon's Cambio Forma, in which it is attached to his X-Gloves.
  • Guanto di Vongola Primo: It is said that with his Gauntlet's Giotto was able to focus all his power into a single point. It was meant to be so powerful it would change form, in which resembles Tsuna's gauntlet in his battle with Byakuran.
  • Hyper Intuition: This allows Giotto (and Tsuna) to be able to accurately predict forth coming attacks. Giotto is seen using this to dodge a bullet.

[edit] Guardians

Giotto and his Guardians.
Alaude (left), Knuckle, G., Giotto, Asari Ugetsu, Lampo, Daemon Spade (right)

[edit] Alaude

Once led a secret intelligence agency is an unnamed country. He physically resembles Decimo Cloud Vongola Guardian Kyoya Hibari, and although wishing to keep out of famiglia affairs, both have shown loyalty and benevolence towards their allies. His weapon of choice were Handcuffs, in which Hibari's Cambio Forma is similar too and aptly called "Alaude's Handcuffs".

[edit] Asari Ugetsu

Asari Ugetsu was of Japanese origin and had a deep love for music. It was said that none throughout the world could match his talent with a blade. Like most of the other guardians his physically resembles his Decimo counterpart Takeshi Yamamoto. Reborn compares that Yamamoto giving up baseball for the way of the blade was very similar to Ugetsu retiring his love for music in a trade for 3 short blades and one long sword. Similar to Hibari's box weapon Cambio Forme resembling his Primo counterpart, Yamamoto's Cambio Forma with Kojirou forms 3 small blades called "Asari Ugetsu".

[edit] Daemon Spade

World renown as a dangerous illusionist. In no way does he physically resemble Chrome but holds a striking resemblance to Mukuro. Reborn calls him a backstabber and in this sense also mentally represents Mukuro, in which he states he is only helping the Vongola in order to wait for the perfect opportunity to possess Tsuna. It is said that just by staring at his foes he was able to curse them, this was done through his "Evil Lens". Likewise Chrome's Cambio Forma resembles these lenses and is called "Daemon Spade's Evil Lens"

[edit] G.

G. was the first to join Giotto's vigilante group in which shortly became the core of the entire Vongola Famiglia. In every way he physically represents Hayato Gokudera - even down to the bad smoking habit. He was referred to as the Primo's right hand man, a title that Gokudera desperately wants with Vongola Decimo. Much like Gokudera carrying around Dynamite, G. opted to carry around a gun, something that he always had with him. However he soon switched to a Bow that was given to him by Giotto to be used whenever he fought for the Vongola. Gokudera's Box Weapon's Cambio Forma resembles this bow and is called "G-Archery"

[edit] Knuckle

He was a world boxing champion, although after killing an opponent in the ring he retired and decided to take on a more religious life style. If his family was ever in a dire situation he would give himself 3 minutes in order to beat the foe and after that would not step in, no matter what. Both Knuckle and Ryohei (Decimo counterpart) are very similar in which both hod a strong love for the boxing sport. Ryohei's Sun Kangaroo can Cambio Forma into a weapon called "Knuckle of Maximum Break".

[edit] Lampo

He was the son of an "Earth Master". He was spoilt and a coward but despite this Giotto made him fight regardless. Anyone that had survived his attacks referred to him as "The Lightening with hidden ferocity. He physically resembles 15 year old Lambo but mentally resembles 5 year old Lambo. Lambo's Box Weapon can Cambio Forma into a shield similar to the one Lampo used. It is called "Lampo's Shield".

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