Gokudera Hayato

Gokudera Hayato

Character Info
Vongola Storm Guardian
Smokin' Bomb Hayato
15 Years Old
25 Years Old (Future Arc)
Date of Birth
September 9
Blood Type
168 cm
54 kg
Hidekazu Ichinose
Manga Debut
Chapter 2
Anime Debut
Episode 1
Weapon Info
Box Animal

Gokudera Hayato is a character whom only wishes to be the Tenth's Right hand man. He is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Japanese. He behaves in a rebellious way despite being an intellectual person, often skipping lessons and abusing teachers. He's intelligence is most likely due to his wealthy upbringing, he was shown to have multiple tutors during his young school years. He greatly idolises Tsuna and because of this aspires to be his right hand man (Which is shown to happen in the Future Arc). In the manga he is shown to be a chain smoker and uses his cigarettes to light his original weapon - Dynamite. He is one of the rare few people that is capable to channeling more than one Flame type, although his predominant flame is Storm, he is also capable of using Lightning, Rain, Cloud and Sun. This ability is vital for his Sistema C.A.I.


[edit] History

Whenever he sees his sister Bianchi he becomes sick, often falling on the floor unconscious. This is due to a traumatic experience that happened as a child. Oddly however, he seems perfectly fine around her if she is wearing something on her face.

At a young age it was shown that he was a talented Pianist. However he soon got tired or living his 'trauma' and wanted desperately to join the mafia. Unfortunately because he was look upon as a mere pianist none of the families accepted him; the fact that he was partly oriental dwindled his chances even more. In order to become strong he sought the advice and training from Dr. Shamal who was working for his family at the time. Gokudera seemed to idolise Shamal, to the extent where he copied his hairstyle. Gokudera alos wanted to learn Shamal's signature assassination move - the Trident Mosquito. Instead of this Shamal taught him with sticks of dynamite, hoping that Gokudera's fascination is explosives would better his chances. He later chose these as his weapons. This choice of weapon led Gokudera to have the name "The Human Explosive". Because he hid his Dynamite all over his body he later got the nickname "Smokin' Bomb" Hayato.

During the Future Arc it was revealed that Bianchi was actually only his half sister. Bianchi's mother was married to Gokudera's father, but his mother was a woman that Bianchi's father had an affair with. Gokudera's mother was just like him in every way with her personality and skills as a pianist. She was young, beautiful, and a talented pianist which attracted Bianchi's father immediately. Not long after meeting each other they got intimate and she got pregnant. However in the mafia illegitimate children are not tolerated, and everyone was told Gokudera and Bianchi shared the same birth mother.

She was allowed to see his three times a year until he reached the age of three in which she died after he car spun out of control and plummeted of the side of a cliff. It was considered to be a murder because Reborn mentions that "t slid off the road at an impossible location. It's been said that there weren't even tire marks. It was instant death.". Suicide was also mentioned but it's unlikely because she had been looking forward to that day and had even brought Gokudera a present. Gokudera himself didn't know of her death until he was three, until then he was under the impression she didn't want to see him anymore. When he found out he fled the mansion the following day.

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

[edit] Weapons

Gokudera is nicknamed "Smokin' bomb" Hayato in the manga and "Hurricane Bomb" Hayato in the anime, due to his using Dynamite as his primary weapon. Due to his "Dynamite Maintenance" it was revealed he has sticks of the explosive material hidden all over his body at all times. The techniques he uses with the bombs are;

  • Double the Bombs: Throws 16 pieces of dynamite at once.
  • Triple the Bombs: Throws 24 pieces of dynamite at once.
  • Mini Bombs: Used on body to propel himself in a certain direction.
  • Smoke Bombs: Used to create a smoke screen.
  • Rocket Bombs: Used to speed up an attack.

Vongola Storm Box: Gokudera's second weapon takes the form of a baby leapord named Uri. Initially it was part of Sistema C.A.I, being able to absorb sun flames in order to grow. After Gokudera obtains the Vongola Box, Uri is upgraded and provide "Cambio Forma".

[edit] Abilities

Sistema C.A.I. (Lit System Change Arms Instantaneous or Instantaneous Arms Change System) is a system invented by the 25 Year old Gokudera. It is a system of weapons that utilises the several flame types Gokudera can channel. The system is designed to use Gokudera's weaker flames to complement his more powerful Storm attribute by using a series of different rings. His main weapon for this attack is the "Flame Arrow" that can fire bullets of different flame types to create a series and range of attacks.

  • Rain: covers the rockets with the Rain's "Tranquility" Attribute, weakening the opponents defences.
  • Sun: The Sun's attribute of "Activation" creates a high power outlet, speeding up rocket attacks.
  • Cloud: The cannons hots one bullet that spreads in a tree like fashion using the Clouds "Propagation" attribute.
  • Lightning: Creates a solid beam, due to the Lightning's Solidification Attribute.

Cambio Forma: G-Archery: When activated Leopardo di Tempesta ver. Vongola (Uri) combines with the Flame Arrow created a giant, ornate bow compiled of Storm Flames. Just like Tsuna's X-Gloves, this weapon bares the Roman Numeral 'I'. This weapon is capable of firing several Storm arrows at once. This shows that Uri is sapient in this form, further helping Gokudera to aim easier.

  • Taienrankuga: (Flame Storm Sky Fangs) A combo attack with Ryohei and Basil. Kangaryu shoots Uri with a sun bullet, that exponentially increases his strength whilst Alfin combines his Rain Flames with Uri's Flames created a deadly flame combination.
  • Motorcycle: In the manga Gokudera had a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883L or 883C (883cc) with customized gas tanks. In the anime his bike only differs from the rest by his being colours red.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Lal Mirch

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