Koyo Aoba

Koyo Aoba
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Character Info
Hope of the Boxing World
Namimori Transfer Student
Manga Debut
Chapter 284
Weapon Info
Boxing Gloves (Presumably)

Koyo Aoba is part of the Shimon Famiglia and attended Shimon Middle but had to migrate to Namimori after an earthquake struck their place of residence. Namimori was chosen because the area has a low Earthquake frequency and were traveling there anyway because of the Decimo Inheritance Ceremony. He is an avid fan of boxing and because of it has formed a friendly rivalry with Ryohei. They're both very similar to one another, they both has a short temperament and neither of them want to stop a fight. His name is contradicting; Koyo meaning Red Leaves and Aoba meaning Green Leaves and is sensitive about it. He has a strong resolution that no matter what it says, they are both the same leaves.

[edit] Appearance

[edit] Personality

[edit] Powers & Abilities

With the self proclaimed title of "Hope of the Boxing World", he is an avid fan of boxing and shows himself to be extremely proefficient in the sport, being able to battle on par with Ryohei Sasagawa. Although not expessively shown, Koyo is actually extremely well built. When in battle he takes on a cocky demeanor due to the belief that with his abilities, he can win any battle. He has extremely sharp and agile reflexes, augmented speed, lightning-fast punches of which are powerful enough to break bones on contact. The threat he presents on field is further enhanced through the use of his Forest Flames, giving him the field advantage.

Koyo's Ring Activated
  • Forest Shimon Ring: Koyo is shown to possess one of the 7 Shimon Rings of Earth, which were released upon contact with the Vongola Sin. Unlike the Flames of Sky, when the ring is activated, his clothing changes, with his arms, legs and chest covered by armor. This armor allows him to use his leaf shaped flames to their fullest capabilities. With his flames he has the power to control plants such as weeds and vines, also being able to fight with extreme ferosity. His attacks with these flames are powerful enough to break bones.
  • Forest Flame Aoba's Shimon ring can emit the Flame of the Forest, one of the seven earth flames the Shimon ring as a collective are capabile of. The flame has shown to be able to manipulate and control vegetation and uses these flames to grow the plants that lay home on Shimon Island. Aside from the normal burning flames are able to do, his flames also have the ability to cut. Koyo has also shown to be able to control and bend the flames by his will. His main offensive attack is to use these flames to overpower his foe and covet them in a tornado of these flames, while the razor sharp leaves shred the foe inside. The leaves block any visuals past the leaves and as such Koyo can attack from any direction. His punches often causing the foe to fall back into the tornado of leaves.
  • Killer Point Vision: Without his glasses to lower his visuals to that of a normal human, Koyo's eyes are capable of revealing a foe's Killer Spots.

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