Lal Mirch

Lal Mirch
Arcobaleno Lal Mirch.png

Character Info
Corrupted Arcobaleno
Date of Birth
February 20th
Blood Type
40cm (Infant)
4kg (Infant)
Masami Suzuki
Manga Debut
Chapter 112
Anime Debut
Episode 50
Weapon Info
Arm Mounted Gun
Box Animal

During the Future Arc, Lal Mirch was shown to be a no nonsense sort of person and tutor. When she was training Tsuna she would outwardly tell him if he was doing bad or not living up to her expectations by not progressing as fast as she anticipated, and gives up on him as a student. However when Tsuna and Gokudera came to the Future she attacked them when she felt she was losing their attention.

She was thought to have Cloud and Mist Dying Will Flames due to be a Corrupted Arcabaleno, however her true Flame Type is Rain, assuming she was meant to be the Rain Arcobaleno, but Colonnello took her place.


[edit] Appearance

Lal Mirch is instantly recognisable by her blue hair and the scar on her right cheek. She is initially seen in her Arcobaleno form wearing combat gear, a crimson cape and a visor infrared. Like all other Arcobaleno she dons her Pacifier on her chest, however hers differs from the others due to it being corrupted. In her adult form, upon the arrival of Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto into the future, her appearance is far more developed. She wears tight blue shorts, a brown tank top and a tan cape. She still has the visor and has a gorilla shaped mask on her right shoulder, presumably for protection.

[edit] Plot Overview

[edit] Varia Arc

[edit] Future Arc

[edit] Arcobaleno Trials Arc

[edit] Choice Arc

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

Cloud Centipede
  • Cloud Centipede: With the Cloud's attribute of Propagation, this Box Weapon is able to absorb flames and subdue enemies. They possess extremely sharp pincers and claws which were used to skewer Ginger Bread during their battle.
  • Mist Parachute & Balloon: This box weapon acts an an alarm system. If there is danger approaching one of the 4 strings will light with Mist Flames, showing the direction the threat is coming from.
  • Arm Mounted Gun: This weapon was used on Tsuna and Gokudera when they entered the Future. It is capable of shooting bullets of Flames as well as normal bullets. With it Lal is able to perform Survival Blast.
    • Survival Blast: This is Lal's special technique. It was first seen in the Arcobaleno Trials Arc and seems to be comprised of pinpoint shotgun blasts. With it she was able to destroy an incomplete Box Weapon and stun another.

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