Original Vongola Rings

The Original Vongola Rings

In order to preserve the continuation of the Vongola Famiglia and the succession of the Boss and Guardians, the rings are divided into two seperate peices with one half given to the current Famiglia Boss and other given to the famiglia's outside advisor. However, in order for this to be acheived the rings had to be downgraded and their true power sealed. This was done originally by Giotto to ensure this and due to the face he didn't trust where Ricardo wanted to take the Vongola Famliglia. This downgrading of the rings makes them less powerful than the others rings of the Tri-Ni-Set.

The Original Vongola Rings are able to acheive the full power of the Vongola. It is suggested that out of the Tri-Ni-Set (73), these rings are the most powerful. This was done so during the final fight between Byakuran and Tsuna in which he was over powering Byakuran with 50% of the Vongola rings potential power where as Byakuran was using 80% of the power achievable from the Sky Mare Ring.

The only person within the Vongola that can unleash this form of the ring is Giotto. He sealed them before taking retirement in Japan because he didn't true the new path of the Vongola. As such this form of the ring had been sealed for 8 of the 10 generations of the family. The only two generations that have used this form of the rings are the Primo Generation and the Decimo Generation. Giotto had entrusted Tsuna and his guardians with the rings true power because they understood the will and resolution of the Famliglia that Giotto invisioned.

[edit] Facts

  • Along the rim of the Sky Ring, it has the colours of all the other Sky Atttributes held by the other guardians.
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