P. Shitt

P. Shitt
P Shitt.jpg

Character Info
Namimori Transfer Student
Manga Debut
Chapter 283
Weapon Info
Box Animal

P. Shitt is part of the Shimon Famiglia and attended Shimon Middle but had to migrate to Namimori after an earthquake struck their place of residence. Namimori was chosen because the area has a low Earthquake frequency and were travelling there anyway because of the Decimo Inheritance Ceremony.

She likes to be called (and will only reply to) "Shitopi-Chan" rather than her actual name, and when she does talk her accent is unrecognisable. She wears a pair of inflatable rings that cross over her body that she can inflate whenever she wants in order to allow her to jump to high heights with them. She is naturally bald except for a tuft of hair at the front of her head and has an 'S' tattoo on the left. She was grouped with Gokudera to patrol Tsuna's classroom.

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