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Character Info
Vongola Secondo
Late 20's
Anime Debut
Episode 58
Weapon Info

Ricardo was the second boss of the Vongola Famiglia, and made his debut in the anime during the gathering of the previous Vongola Bosses. He uses an extraordinarily different Dying Will Flame called The Flame of Wrath, which Xanxus can also use (and the two look remarkably similar). It is said that during his reign over Vongola, he was feared throughout the underworld - although it is slightly hinted that this was a rumor. His Flame of Wrath had an incredibly large destructive power, and is shown to wield no weapon and prefers to utilise his flames with his hands. According to what Timoteo has said, the ways of Vongola changed shortly after Vongola Secondo came to power.

[edit] Trivia

  • Apparently it was because of Ricardo that Giotto abdecated from power and moved to Japan, out of fear of Ricardo's anger. However, Daemon Spade later proved this to be false, after admitting it was he who had forced Giotto to leave Vongola, despite being his Guardian.
  • Daemon Spade was Ricardo's Mist Guardian, as well as Giotto's and is the only known Guardian to have served under two bosses.

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