Ryohei Sasagawa

Ryohei Sasagawa
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Character Info
Vongola Sun Guardian
Leader of Namimori Boxing Club
16 Years Old
26 Years Old (Future)
Date of Birth
August 26
Blood Type
168 cm
59 kg
Hidenobu Kiuchi
Manga Debut
Chapter 14
Anime Debut
Episode 1
Weapon Info
Knuckle of Maximum Break
Box Animal
Kyoko's older brother who is obsessed with boxing. He lives by the motto "To the Extreme!" which he finds a way to apply to everything he does. He prefers to fight opponents head on, trying to iron out any disadvantages as a chance to improve his fighting skill. Every time he sees Tsuna and friends doing something odd he gets fired up and wants to help them with it. Seemingly unaware of them all being part of the mafia. Due to Ryohei being energetic and enthusiastic he often charges into things without thinking, which often ends in him and the others being injured. He is shown to have a short term memory he often forgets important details, usually needing to jot them down on memos (something the future Ryohei had come up with). During their fights with the Varia Ryohei kept it secret from Kyoko as to what they were actually doing. Some people held some distaste against Ryohei and often used his sister as a lure or bait. Causing him to charge straight to them often causing him injury whilst rescuing her, resulting in a scar on one of his temples. Physically concerned with his sisters safety he pretended his life or death battles were sumo-wrestling fights.


[edit] Weapons & Abilities

Ryohei is an excellent boxer with immense physical strength. His proficiency in boxing allows him to be an expert in hand-to-hand combat and dealing out physical punishment. Even with the Dying Will Flame removing his physical limiters his physical strength remains unchanged, due to always "Living to the Extreme!". During his training with Conollenno, he as shot with a bullet that spiritually cleansed him but risked death. The use of this bullet released his maximum potential and allowed him to use Maximum Cannon, a blow strong enough to destroy buildings. This attacks works because Ryohei focuses all his energy to the cells in his arm an focusing it into one punch. Because of this he keeps his right fist in perfect condition, for when he needs to use this attack.

Ten years in the future, Ryohei's battle skills have increased. He can now use Lussuria's footwork to create shadow multiplications of himself, and then using it to deal several "Maximum Cannon"'s at once. His Dying Will Flame is now strong enough to cause Active Box Weapons to explode, and also to heal himself for a short time using the Sun Flame's Activation Attribute.

[edit] Weapons

  • Box Weapon: Kangaryu: His Sun Box that releases a scarred Kangaroo called Kangaryu. She is capable of attacking but Ryohei uses her mainly for support, relying on his own strength. Kangaryu keeps items in her pouch, dousing them in Sun Dying Will Flames and shoots them at Ryohei. One such item is the Sereno Gloves. They are weaved from vegetation and are used to heal his hands. As well as these Gloves, Kangaryu can shoot out boots that allow Ryohei to fly. Any box Animal placed in her pouch can grow up at an increased rate - This is vital for Cambio Forma.
  • Vongola Sun Kanagaroo: This rendition of Kangeryu has cannons on her back to shoot Sun Flames that increase Ryhohei's strength and speed. A normal person would be crushed by the flame, but with Ryohei's high level of endurance, he can easily withstand it. Despite this he has only 3 minutes before his body is crushed by the flames. This is something that Ryohei shares with The First Sun Guardian, who gave himself 3 minutes to finish off his opponents. Kangaryu also has her own set of boxing gloves and flame boots now. When Cambio Forma is activated she turns into a head set and a pair of boxing gloves called The Knuckle of Maximum Break, which was also said to be something the first sun guardian wore.
  • Sun Scalpel: Due to the flames attribute, Ryohei can act as a medic as well as a fighter. Using his box weapon he can actively make cells speed up the natural healing process. he has been shown to be able to heal minor small in seconds, but major wounds take a lot more time.
  • Motorcycle: In the Manga Ryohei owned a Honda CBR 400cc RR with customized livery. In the anime the only differentiation to his is his is customised with yellow.

[edit] Abilities

  • Taienrankuga (Flame Storm Sky Fangs): A combined attack with Basil and Gokudera. Kangaryu shoots Uri with sun flames that increase strength and speed. Whilst Alfin mixes his rain flames with Gokudera's Storm flames resulting in a deadly attack combination.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record


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