Superbi Squalo

Superbi Squalo
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Character Info
Second in Command of Varia
Sword Emporer
Varia Boss Candidate
Vongola Rain Guardian Candidate
Varia Arc
22 years
Future Arc
32 years
Date of Birth
March 13th
Blood Type
Hiroki Takahashi
Manga Debut
Chapter 82
Anime Debut
Episode 34
Weapon Info
Sword (Attached to left arm)
Box Animal

Superbi Squalo is an assassin and second in command of the Independent Vongola Familiga Assassination Group, Varia. The most notable feature about him is his long silver hair which is a dedication to his Boss, Xanxus and will only cut it when he succeeds Tsuna as the Vongola Decimo. Another example of his dedication to the Varia is the fact that he is always sen wearing the Varia uniform. He can be characterised by his generally loud personality, always shouting "VOOOI!" - an Italian plural term for "you" - as an expression of anger or frustration. He was originally seen chasing after Basil who was protecting the Half Vongola Rings claiming he was from the future. Squalo is later revealed as the Vongola Rain Guardian Candidate and Rain Guardian of Varia during the Rain Ring battle with Takeshi Yamamoto. He cut of his left hand and replaced it with a mechanised version with a sword attacked to the top. He did this so he could relate to the Sword Emperor, Tyr, who coincidentally is a previous boss of the Varia. He also seems to be very perceptive as he was able to see through Genkishi's Mist illusions when he tried to fake his defeat.


[edit] Plot Overview

[edit] Varia Arc

[edit] Future Arc

[edit] Choice Arc

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

[edit] Weapons

  • Arm Sword: Squalo cut off his own hand during his fight with Tyr, the Sword Emperor, in order to attempt to understand his fighting style, to which he replaced with a mechanised hand with a sword mounted on top. The advantage to this is that he has no blind spots since his hand can move 360 degrees. He used this to defend himself during the Rain Ring Battle when Yamamoto tried to attack from behind. The hand and sword also have explosives hidden in them and are used to trap the foe.
Grande Pioggia Squalo (Heavy Rain Shark)
  • Grande Pioggia Squalo: This is Squalo's Box Weapon and takes on the appearance of a Great White Shark with enough power to attack foe's on it's own. It can levitate in mid air, imitating the swimming motion as well as being able to swim in water. Squalo usually releases his Box Weapon before going into battle himself along side the Shark.

[edit] Abilities

  • Attacco di Squalo: (Attack of the Shark): A powerful pulse of energy fired at the foe. It's caused by vibrations made by Squalo's Arm Sword and stuns his targets muscles.
  • Zanna di Squalo: (Fang of the Shark): A jabbing motion with the sword at high speeds multiple times. Basil states that it was "chewing at the air rather than me"
  • Scontro di Squalo: (Charge of the Shark): Squalo slices diagonally, form side to side, with enough power to tear away any water in front of him. It is Squalo's secret technique that he used to destroy the Sword Emperor.

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