Character Info
Vongola Nono
Date of Birth
April 17
Blood Type
Daniela (Mother)
Fabio (Grandfather)
Xanxus (Adopted Son)
Manga Debut
Chapter 121
Anime Debut
Episode 55
Weapon Info

Timoteo is the current boss of the Vongola Famiglia at the start of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series. He seeks a new heir to the boss of Vongola because of his age, and it's said that he is becoming too weak to continue to lead the Vongola Family. He suffers with fatigue in his legs, and thus limiting his mobility. Much like Tsuna and Giotto, Timoteo can use the Zero Point Breakthrough ability, and is seen using it to stop Xanxus' rebellion during the Cradle Incident. Timoteo uses his Dying Will Flame as a stamp, in which he uses to seal letters and provides verification of it being an official document from him or Vongola.


[edit] Timoteo's Guardians

Vongola Nono and Guardians

[edit] Coyote Nougat

He is an elderly man with long, presumably white, hair. He has a mechanical arm on his left hand side with half moon glasses. His hair somewhat resembles Vongola Decimo Vongola Storm Guardian Gokudera

[edit] Schnitten Brabanters

Schnitten Brabanters is a member of the Ninth's Famiglia. He is the Ninth Rain Guardian and previous holder of the Rain Ring of the Vongola Famliglia. He has an X shaped scar on his face.

[edit] Brow Nie Jr.

Brow Nie Jr. is the ninth Generation Vongola Sun Guardian and holder of the Sun Vongola Ring. He seems to be younger than most of the other guardians of the Ninth's Famiglia, and has tattoo of a Salamander on his left cheek.

[edit] Visconti

Visconti is the Vongola Cloud Guardian of the Ninth Generation Vongola Famiglia and previous holder of this Cloud Vongola ring. He seems to hold a little likeness to Ninth's Storm Guardian, Coyote Nougat. He has his hair combed back and dons sun glasses just above his forehead.

[edit] Ganauche III

Ganauche III is the Ninth Generation Lightning Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia, and thus was the previous holder of the Lightning Vongola Ring. He seems to be the youngest of the Ninth's guardians (a trait that seems to be continued from the Primo's reign and to the Decimo Lightning Guardian Lambo). The back of his hair is black whilst the front is blonde. He also has a stubble.

[edit] Bouche Croquant

Bouche Croquant is the Ninth Generation Mist Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia and thus the previous holder of the Vongola Mist Ring. He appears to be the only dark skinned Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia. He dark hair that is braided and tied back, causing a Tiger stripe pattern to appear on his head. He has a long strip of blonde hair at the front of this head and a blonde ponytail at the back. He also has several earrings on both ears, encompassing the earlobe.

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