Tsunayoshi Sawada

Sawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi

Character Info
Vongola Decimo
15 Years Old
25 Years Old (Future Arc)
Date of Birth
October 14
Blood Type
159 cm
48 kg
Yukari Kokubun
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Anime Debut
Episode 1
Weapon Info
X-Gloves ver. Vongola Ring
Contact Lens
Vongola Sky Ring
Lancia Boss' Ring
Vongola Primo's Cloak
Vongola Primo's Gauntlet.
Box Animal
Tsunayoshi 'Tsuna' Sawada is the main protagonist in the series. Although cowardly by nature, and his general clumsiness (Giving him the nickname "No Good Tsuna") was was chosen to be the Vongola's Tenth Generation Boss - the most powerful Mafia family ever. When this responsibility is thrust upon him he has to gather his own family and to protect the world if the occasion ever called for it. Throughout the course of the story he was a weak minded person, always giving up as soon as it got tough. After much tutoring from Reborn he quickly became a dedicated leader willing to put his life on the life for his friends and family. This progression is the most important part of the story throughout the series. Although not wanting to have any affiliation with the mafia at all, he thrusts himself into battles to protect those that he loves. He has encountered Mafia Exiles, a group of elitist mafia rivals associated with the Vongola, an opposing Famiglia with one third of the Tri-Ni-Set - The Millefiore Famiglia that is set ten years in the future, and most recently a thought to be allied Famiglia whose objective was only to destroy the Vongola Sin - The Shimon Famiglia.

Due to being in all the series he is in all current games, and has even made an appearance in he Shonen Jump games that include a compilation of characters, such games include Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars. Tsuna has also made minor/cameo role in the light novel Hidden Bullet.


[edit] Personality

At the beginning of the series, Tsuna is merely an ordinary high school student with the nickname "No Good Tsuna" due to poor grades, general clumsiness, lack of interest in athletics (To which he openly admits), and a 'wimpy' attitude.

Tsuna is often depicted as comically horrified by the actions taken by the people around him, usually to the extent of becoming somewhat hysterically eccentric. His lackluster confidence and bad luck contract greatly to his positions of leadership and the added pressure that Reborn puts on him - in an hysterical manner. Despite the title of "Vongola Decimo" being thrust to him by the Ninth Vongola Boss and Reborn he is a young individual with alto of potential; however the only found way that Reborn has discovered is to put Tsuna in a life or death situation in order for him to realise his full potential.

Although being told and praised as the Tenth Vongola boss, he is unwilling to help out or be involved with the mafia in anyway. He denies being a part of the mafia and only helps in order to avoid having to so anything in the future. He tried desperately to cling to any part of his normal life as he can, usually being pulled back by Reborn or Bianchi. However as the series progresses he has a strong disliking of the Vongola's violent and bloody history, stating he'd rather destroy the Vongola than claim such a heritage. Although he's grateful toward the Mafia in a way because of the friends he has made because of it and Reborn. He cares a great deal about his 'family' and often puts himself in danger to protect them - at any cost.

Recently it has become apparent that Tsuna's attitude has improved greatly since the start of the series. He is no longer the cowardly, useless person who gave up easily, and it now an individual with great resolve to protect his friends, doing whatever he has to do. His sense of right and wrong is so right, it sometimes caught Reborn with surprise, making judgments that Reborn wouldn't immediately think of. Later he is now comfortable with the role as a leader and now the others in the family look at him and want his approval before any final decisions are made.

The future Tsuna was apparently deceased after being gunned down by the Millefiore although made arrangement before his death. However later it's revealed to be a death like state created by a similar bullet as the Dying Will Bullet which went changes by Shoichi Irie. Vongola Decimo of the future is comfortable with this presumably and therefore accepts his role as the Tenth Generation Vongola Boss.

There have been some notable parallels between Tsuna and the First Vongola Boss - Giotto - including their physical appearance, fighting techniques and weapons. As well as their their personalities are also very similar both act in the same way and have similar goals. One such example is neither of them have a problem recruiting guardians from external sources.

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

LIke others in the mafia Tsuna is capable of using the Dying Will Flame (When shot with a Dying will bullet or swallowing a Dying Will Pellet). A dying will flame is a concentrated high level of energy with immense destructive powers or purifying evil auras. Initially it lies within a persons body until it is awakened, exponentially increasing the users strength. When one is able to fully utilise the Dying Will Mode/Hyper Dying Will Mode to it's fullest potential and thus unlocking it's full potential, they can then active the Dying Will Flame upon command. Reborn notes that everyone is able to use the Dying Will Flame but not as many can cope with the training phases.

[edit] Forms

  • Dying Will Shot: When Tsuna is shot with one of Reborn's Dying Will Bullets, it uses the pressure that Tsuna feels in a desperate situation to push his body way past it's natural capabilities. He then uses this energy to accomplish his last Will being "dying"; or the last regretting thought he had before being shot. The effect of this bullet only last for a duration of 5 minutes. This bullet however causes an unusual side effect, upon being shot all of Tsuna's clothes rip apart from his underwear. His dying will flame appears on his head, Reborn notes that shooting the Dying Will Bullet at other parts of the body will have different effects.
  • Critisism Shot: When Tsuna is shot with this bullet, he can hear the criticisms and rebukes all those near him in real time. Instead of externally removing the limiters, it awakens a hidden 'willpower' that pushes his interior limits way past the norm. This effect causes him to enter Hyper Dying Will Mode. This effectively has the same effects of the Dying Will Mode, only to a greater extent. It removes all his limiters and activates something called "Hyper Intuition" which allows Tsuna to see things such as an opponents weak points or seeing through illusions. Basil the later gives Tsuna a pill that allows him to instantly enter Hyper Dying Will Mode.

[edit] Equipment

X-Gloves ver. Vongola
  • X-Gloves: These were created by Leon, Reborn's pet. When not in Dying will mode thy appear as normal white threaded mittens, but upon activation their appearance changes to that of a pair or black, metal clad gloves. These gloves when activated are made of the same stuff as the Dying Will Bullet and can therefore create Dying Will Flames. These dying will flames allow Tsuna to burn foes by blasting it at them. Tsuna is also able to use these flames to fly, propelling himself by blasting the flames away from his body.
  • X-Gloves ver. Vongola Ring: Identical in appearance to the normal X-Gloves, this rendition has a crest on them resembling that of the Sky Vongola Ring. These gloves are capable to emitting two types of flames, the soft flames in which the normal X-Gloves are able to produce, and the hard flames - which are a stronger, more explosive flame that is more difficult to gain control over.
  • Contact Lenses: These were created by Spanner to display a targeting system, a gauge to measure the outlet of Tsuna's flames in both X-Gloves. Using this gauge Tsuna is able to use the X-Burner without propelling himself. Somehow the lenses are interfaced with the Headphones.
  • Flame Resistant Clothing: These are clothes spun by Reborn's pet, Leon. This clothes provide protecting against Flames to an extent.
  • Motorcycle: In the manga the bike varies from the anime. In the manga Tsuna has a Honda 250cc NSR Rothmans whereas in the anime they all have the same bikes, with Tsuna's being predominantly white with some blue.

[edit] Techniques

  • Zero Point Breakthrough 'Revised': This is Tsuna's own version of Zero Point Breakthrough. This technique that Tsuna has devised does not only allow Tsuna to absorb flames just like the original Zero Point Breakthrough but this can then convert those flames into his own power. This technique requires precise timing in regard to capturing the opponents attack.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough 'First Addition': This is a technique that not only Tsuna can use, but also the First and Ninth Vongola Boss'. This takes advantage of the Hyper Dying Will Mode state and can turn flames into Ice. Ice than can only be melted
    Leone di Cieli Version Vongola
    by Dying Will Flames.
  • X-Burner: An immensely powerful attack that can be used when the X-Gloves ver. Vongola are activated. It can be used by Tsuna on the ground or in the air. The technique requires the use of the gauge in the Contact lenses. Tsuna uses the 'Soft Flames' as a support to stop himself from being propelling backwards whilst he fires the 'Hard Flames' forward. The attack is estimated to produce a reading of 200,000 FV (Flame Volts). The most powerful rendition of this attack is the "Hyper Explosion" which is capable of producing over 240,000+ FV.
  • Leone di Cieli Version Vongola: (Vongola Sky Lion) This is Tsuna's Vongola Box Weapon. It takes the form of a small lion with sky flames as it's mane. It was given the nickname Nuts (Nat'su) and acts like Tsuna in every way both on and off the battle field. Initially when Tsuna opened his Box weapon is attacked him violently. Kyoko notes that the box weapon reflects what was in Tsuna's heart. It's presumed that Nuts can know what's going on outside his box as he often causes it to shake.
Cambio Forma Modo Difesa - Mantello di Vongola Primo
  • Cambio Forma Modo Difesa - Mantello di Vongola Primo: (Defense Mode: Vongola First's Cloak) Nuts turns into a long, black, flowing cloak that cna produce orange Sky flames. The cloak is attached to Tsuna's X-Gloves and bears the roman numeral 'I'. It can absorb and by extension, nullify, attacks.
  • Cambio Forma Modo Attacco - Mitena di Vongola Primo: (Form Change Attack Mode - Vongola First's Gauntlet) With this rendition of Nuts, he merges with the X-Gloves to form a Gauntlet. As with Cambio Forma Modo Difesa - 'Mantello di Vongola Primo it bares the numeral 'I'. With this he can focus all his flames into one point without the need to charged, he calls it the "Big Bang Axle".

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Lal Mirch
Dendro Chilum
Fake Won

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