Viper (Mammon)

Character Info
Varia Officer
Vongola Mist Guardian Candidate
Mist Arcoboleno
1 year
Real Age
Date of Birth
July 2nd
Blood Type
Rumi Shishido
Manga Debut
Chapter 90
Anime Debut
Episode 40
Weapon Info
Fantasma (Frog)
Box Animal
Mist Starfish
Viper before becoming an Arcoboleno
Viper is the holder of the Indigo Mist Pacifier and is a member of the Arcobaleno's as well as a Independent Vongla Assassination Group, Varia, the latter working under the name of Mammon. He is known as the best spellcaster of the Arcobaleno. He can create illusions (due to being able to use the Mist Dying Will Flame) as well as being able to locate anyone by sneezing into a scroll that he always carries around with him, the mucus/spit forms a map showing the person/peoples location. Viper only likes to work when money is involved (the exception being the Arcoboleno Trials) and therefore represents the greed of the Varia. (Varia members seem to be named after the Deadly Sins).

He dons a Frog called Fantasma that floats above his head under the transformation of an ouroborus (A snake devouring it's own tail representative of eternity, as well as being an alchemical symbol) and thus gives the impression of a halo. This 'halo' Fantasma creates allows Viper to levitate or fly both in an out of combat. Due to hating the fact he became an Arcobolano he claims to be finding a way to break the curse. However as a temporary solution he created the "Mammon Chain" that he wraps around his Pacifier so the others cannot find or detect him, however this proves redundant as Reborn has been shown several times to know when Viper is nearby. These chains are also used in the Future Arc to block of the Flame Readings of the Vongola - or any of the other - rings and boxes. This chain is replaced by the Vongola Cap that is placed over the top of the ring to produce the same effect.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

  • Illusions: Before becoming an Arcobaleno he was a first class psychic and illusionist. His Psychic abilities meant he could read the minds of people and dowse things through photographs. As of turning into an Arcobaleno he still has these powers, but are amplified by the Pacifier he dons - albeit with great distaste. This power increase is due to the Arcobaleno Pacifiers are rings that emit Mist Flames, capable to being able to create real illusions.
  • Teleportation': In Episode 40 he was shown being able to Teleport.
  • Flying: With the help of Fantasma, Viper has the ability to levitate and fly in and out of combat.


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