Character Info
Varia Boss, Vongola Decimo Candidate
Varia Arc
Future Arc
Date of Birth
October 10th
Masanori Ikeda
Manga Debut
Chapter 87
Anime Debut
Episode 40
Weapon Info
Flame of Wrath
Box Animal

Xanxus is the current, and so far only named, boss of the Varia, as well as being Timoteo's adopted son. He also acts as the main antagonist of the Varia Arc. He was born into poverty and lived with his ill mother. His Dying Will Flame was discovered at a young age by his mother and soon was taken to see Timoteo. When they met, Vongola Nono took Xanxus and placed a scarf around him, naming him his adopted son despite not seeing either him or his mother beforehand. He acted as the main antagonist for the Varia Arc as he and Tsuna fought got the Vongola Sky Ring and the title of Vongola Decimo. However Xanxus was beaten and took over his previous role of Varia boss. In the Future he led a raid against Millefiore, taking over their headquarters. He beats one of the Fake Funeral Wreaths, showing that his power and strength have greatly increased from what they were in the past. His flame is also called The Flame of Wrath, something that Vongola Secondo was renown for having.


[edit] Appearance

His face is covered in scars that were given to him during his battle with Vongola Nono, most notable is the one on his left cheek. During the Varia Arc his hair was spiky with a buzz cut on the sides. It homes also a bunch of feathers and a tail at the base of his neck, in which they come over his shoulder and rest on the top of his chest. He wears the Vari uniform jacket over his shoulders, much like that of a cape. He also wears a white dress shirt, black trousers, a loosely knotted tie and large black boots. During the Future Arc his hair has grown and become less spiky. He has also removed some of the feathers and animal tail. In it's place now are some beads and a few of the remaining original feathers. During the same arc he wears lace up boots, only to be later seen with boots with a large folded tongue, much like that of a pair of Pirate boots.

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

  • Flame of Wrath: This is Vongola Secondo's ability. It is a very destructive and reputable force that only appeared when the Secondo was angered, thus it's name. It is said that Vongola Secondo had the most powerful and destructive flame of all the Vongola Bosses.
  • Dying Will X-Guns: Xanxus utilises 2 guns that absorb his flames, accumulate them at the back of the gun and fire them with immense force through a Dying Will Bullet. This Dying Will Bullet is different from the ones Reborn used on Tsuna during his training. Daniela (Vongola VII) was said to have the weakest flame of any Vongola Boss and thus used Guns to absorb her flames and make them exponentially more powerful. Xanxus uses this knowledge that Daniela had originally created to make his own renditions, the difference being that Xanxus already has a very powerful flame and these guns are suited to storing the Flame of Wrath. Xanxus can also fly using these guns by firing away from his body.
  • Ligre Tempesta di Cielo: During the Future Arc, Xanxus sent the Varia to unite with the Vongola to raid a Millefiore base because they were under relentless attack. However is seems that they do still not acknowlegde Tsuna as the Vongola Decimo. When Belphegor's twin brother, Rasiel reaches Xanxus, he releases his Box Weapon, Bester. Xanxus and Bester have an odd relationship as it seems that when his scars appear so do the stripes on Bester.

[edit] Techniques

  • Scoppio de Ira: (Burst of Wrath): This attacks can only work with the use of the Dying Will X-Guns. Xanxus unleashes a mass of Wrath Flames simultaneously, and because of their density and grouping, then appear as one blast.
  • Bocciolo de Fiamma: (Bud of Flame): This attack also requires the use of the Dying Will X-Guns. He uses one gun to fly around the foe whilst he fires the other at the target from different angles, this appears in the shape of a bud beneath the foe's feet.
  • Colpo de Addio (Blow of Farewell): A stronger deviant of Scoppio de Ira. Xancus charges up energy in the X-Guns and fires two immensely powerful shots with the same destuctive power or more than Scoppio de Ira.
  • Martello de Fiamma: (Hammer of Flame): An even stronger version of Scoppio De Ira and is Xanxus' most powerful attack.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Timoteo Lost
Tsuna Lost
Hibari Undetermined
Rasiel and Olgert Won
Zakuro Undetermined
Kyoya Hibari and Fon Undetermined

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